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About Us

ClOUDSPLITTER Aerial is a drone cinematography company. We believe that placing a camera any where in space allows us to explore new and creative ways to tell stories and push cinematic boundaries. To achieve this we use different types of drones and gimbal systems specific to our clients needs to execute the shot effectively and safely.

All of our drone operations are FAA Part 107 compliant, and we make sure to get the proper authorizations and waivers to fly in cities across North America. All operations are covered under a $5 million aviation liability policy and we meet the requirements for all domestic/ international studios & networks. In addition we are in compliance for both night operations & flight over human beings.

Our drone teams (pilot + camera operator) are able to work “on location” across the Americas and in international destinations including the Caribbean. Our rates include aerial permit coordination at both the local + federal level.


We look forward to showing you what we are capable of and elevating your project!

federal aviation Administration

FAA part 107 certification for motion picture, TV, and closed set filming. Our pilots are fully licensed and certificated by the FAA to operate drones in the national airspace.

Drone company for tv and film

 We strive to ensure we meet all studio requirements and we are fully insured up to $10 million in general liability aviation insurance.


Our team will complete all drone waivers, permit paperwork with the FAA and local airspace for easy film permit office submissions and approval.


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