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Cloudsplitter Aerial is at the forefront of drone cinematography, embracing the philosophy that the sky is not the limit when it comes to creative storytelling and cinematic innovation. Our approach involves utilizing a variety of drones and gimbal systems, tailored specifically to meet our clients' unique requirements, ensuring each shot is captured with precision and safety.


We pride ourselves on adhering to FAA Part 107 regulations, securing all necessary authorizations and waivers for operations in urban environments across North America. Our operations are backed by a robust $5 million aviation liability policy, fulfilling the standards set by domestic and international studios and networks. Furthermore, we are fully equipped and compliant for night operations and flights over people.


Our skilled drone teams, consisting of a pilot and camera operator, are mobile and ready to deploy "on location" throughout the Americas and other international locales, including the Caribbean. Our services encompass the coordination of aerial permits at both local and federal levels.


Let us show you the extraordinary possibilities we can bring to your project, taking it to new heights!

Defining New Heights with Cloudsplitter

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Boost your confidence with our Liability Coverage, Pre-Planning Safety, and FAA Waivers

FAA Certified logo


FAA part 107 certification for motion picture, TV, and closed set filming. Our pilots are fully licensed and certificated by the FAA to operate drones in the national airspace.

Liability Coverage


 We strive to ensure we meet all studio requirements and we are fully insured up to $5 million in general liability aviation insurance.

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Safety is paramount in our drone services. We conduct thorough pre-flight planning, including risk assessments and site surveys, to ensure secure operations.

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